Report Generator Tab

This tab is used to construct a report definition that forms the basis of a JSA report. You can save and retrieve previously saved report definition files (*.JSR) to save further time.

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Clears all the report selections on This Report.

Save Report As

Saves the current selections as a "Report Definition File" (*.JSR) in the JSA Report Generator installation folder.

The definitions in the "This Report" box are saved and NOT the report document itself. The name you give to the JSR file is independent of the name you give to the generated report document.

Open Saved Report

Changing the selection opens a previously saved Report Definition File (*.JSR) from the JSA Report Generator installation folder. This replaces the current selections so to avoid losing them, click the Save Report As button.

This only retrieves the Hazards and Controls for the This Report box and NOT the Company Details.

Delete Saved Report

Deletes the selected report definition file (JSR).


This is a list of categories of hazards. For each hazard selected, there are a number of Controls from which you can select one or more.


For the selected Hazard, this displays a number of control measures. You must select at least one Control per Hazard before clicking "Add to Report".

To select more than one control, hold down the "Ctrl" key whilst clicking. To select a range of controls, click the first then hold the "Shift" key whilst clicking the last.

Use the "Select All" or "Select None" buttons to select or de-select all the controls.

Remember to click "Add to Report" button when you have modified an existing set of selections.

Select all

Selects every control applicable to the selected Hazard. Remember to click "Add to Report" button when you have modified an existing set of selections.

Select None

De-selects every control applicable to the selected Hazard. If you want to remove the Hazard completely, use the "Remove from Report" button.

Remember to click "Add to Report" button when you have modified an existing set of selections.

Add to Report

Adds the current Hazard and selected Controls to the end of This Report definition. If the Hazard is already selected and this is a modification of the selections, the order of the Hazards does not change.

Remove from Report

Removes the selected Hazard from This Report definition.

This Report

Lists the Hazards in the current Report Definition in the order in which they will be written. If you select one of the items in this box, its previously selected controls are displayed.

Note that if you change the selection of Controls, remember to update This Report definition by clicking the "Add to Report" button.


Searches the Hazard descriptions and the Controls for specific text. Each time you press "Find Next" the next hazard containing your search word will be displayed starting from the current hazard. When it reaches the end of the hazards list, it starts again from the beginning.

Only exact matches will be displayed. You can use parts of words.

e.g. "electric" will find "Electricity" and "electrical"

Note that if text is found in the "Long Description" of a control, then the word(s) may not appear in the "Short Description" displayed on-screen.


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