Dealing with Anti-Virus Software Protection

Your PC will have anti-virus protection built into it to protect you from Word Macro Viruses. Because the Job Safety Report Generator™ is implemented as a MSWord Template ( you may have to make changes to your anti-virus settings to enable it to run.

NB: The Job Safety Report Generator™ was created in a secure PC environment protected by Norton Anti-Virus which is updated every 3 hours.

MS Word Security Settings

If your version of MSWord refuses to run the macros in the Job Safety Report Generator™, you will need to revise your security settings. YOU SHOULD NOT CHANGE YOUR SECURITY SETTINGS WITHOUT CONSULTING YOUR I.T. SUPERVISOR!

From Word's main menu, select Tools | Macro | Security and change the security level. Also, on Word XP or later, on the same dialogue click the "Trusted Sources" tab and select "Trust Access to VB Projects".

Anti-Virus Software

You should always scan any new application with your own AV program to confirm that the EXE install file and the installed template have not been tampered-with.

However, if like most users, you have configured your AV software to continuously scan every program that loads on your PC, this may slow-down the loading of the Job Safety Report Generator™ template. If this delay does not bother you then don't do anything about it. However, you can configure most AV software to ignore specific applications. The application you need to specify is "" which is located in the User-Templates folder of your MS Word installation.


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This information is derived from the Job Safety Report Generator™
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