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Job Safety Analysis
    What is a Job Safety Analysis?
    Why is Job Safety Analysis Necessary?
    Who Should Perform a Job Safety Analysis?
    How often should a JSA be done?
    How Job Safety Analysis is Performed
    Assessing Risk Levels
        Hazard severity
        Likelihood of occurrence
    Additional Checklists for Job Safety Analysis form
        Potential hazards in the workplace
        People affected by hazards
        Other specialist areas of assessment

How to use the Job Safety Report Generator
    What is the Job Safety Report Generator™?
    How to Create a New Report
    Understanding Job Safety Report Definitions (JSR files)
    The Job Safety Report Generator Main Dialog
        Company Details Tab
        Buttons Visible Below all of the Pages
        Report Generator Tab
        User-Defined Hazards Tab
    How to Get Online Help

Technical Information
    What is Installed With the Job Safety Report Generator™?
    Dealing with Anti-Virus Software Protection
    What's in the images folder?

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